New Web Site and Casting Call

Port Sebastian, USAA lot has been changing behind the scenes since the last time I posted here.

I’m now at and I’m working toward my dream of creating a doll soap opera! This is how I describe it on

In the time it took me to develop a clear view of how I wanted to tell my doll stories, I took a couple years’ worth of photos and made several slide show videos, making all sorts of mistakes along the way and changing my mind countless times about the way I wanted to go about it.

Finally, I decided that:

  • I want to attempt to create a web series that is part stop-motion animation and part slide show
  • I want do it with voices rather than the mixture of speech bubbles, captioned dialog, and text-to-speech (in one video) that I’ve used before
  • I want to tell an ongoing scripted story, with scenes and plots and twists, in soap-opera style, rather than simply “glimpses” into various characters’ lives as I’d done before

It’s a huge undertaking. And much of it is dependent on things I cannot control, such as:

  • whether or not I’ll be able to find enough voice actors who are willing to work for free (at least until and unless the series starts earning money), and who will be even fractionally as vested in this as I am
  • whether or not I’ll be able to coordinate with above-mentioned actors time-wise, to record the dialog
  • whether I’ll be able to successfully balance the amount of time this will require with my work and personal life

But, you know . . . I just feel compelled to give it a try! And so, the show is planned to debut in the Fall of 2014.

I have created a four-part introduction to the characters and history of the show, called Port Sebastian: The Back Story, using many of my photos and slide show videos from 2012 to 2014, with some additional new photos and new information.

Now, I’m looking for voice actors. Please see Casting Call for more information, and send in your audition!

Please visit me at my new web home, and subscribe to receive updates.


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