I finally finished it!

Leah and James, Ristorante AmoreI finally finished this portion of the story, after over a year! (I made this video in September of 2013, even though it’s dated June of 2012. I changed the date so they would show up in the order of the story in the album on ipernity.) Click to see the video.

Leah and James went out for dinner after Leah’s visit with her family over Memorial Day Weekend of 2012. (If you haven’t seen the video of that visit, you might want to watch it first, in order to understand some of the content in this one.)

This set is Ristorante Amore, my first detailed diorama set. The waitress is Nicole. Other diners are Dr. Cameron Shaver and his wife, Kita; Ingrid and Fisher and their daughter, Viveka; Naima and Marcus; and Kimberly and Nicci.

I included some conversation between the other diners, for the purpose of establishing a little bit of their back story.

As I began to edit the first batch of photos, I realized I’d gotten my lamps completely uneven (and the plaque over the ice machine was crooked), but I didn’t re-take the pictures. Luckily, I hadn’t taken all of the photos in the video yet, so I fixed the lamps before I finished. I also feel I should apologize in advance for the spaghetti that Marcus is eating. I haven’t gotten my sauce color right, yet! Let’s just pretend it looks like spaghetti, ok? (lol)

Leah got rebodied during this video! I couldn’t resist throwing in a bit of humor around that.

Hope it’s as fun to watch as it was to make!

All photos copyright © GetMeStarted. All rights reserved.


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