Making the move to ipernity . . . and moving forward with doll stories!

In case anyone was wondering why several of the photos in my earlier posts aren’t showing up, it is because I have been moving from flickr to ipernity since May of this year, when flickr underwent major changes that made the experience of using their service unbearable. Many of us doll photographers have been moving our content over to and I, for one, love it there!

This move also gave me an opportunity (ok; forced me, but with good results) to reorganize my photos and my plans for my doll stories. I’m still in the process of organizing everything, but I’m making great progress, and I’ve started sharing my stories!

So, here are the pertinent links:

My page on ipernity:

GetMeStarted on ipernity

The album where my doll story, Stillframe, begins:

Stillframe Part 1

My cast of characters:

Cast of Stillframe

Article: About The Story – Stillframe and Port Sebastian

Article: The Businesses / Employers of Port Sebastian

So excited to be moving forward with my stories! Care to join me in Port Sebastian?


2 thoughts on “Making the move to ipernity . . . and moving forward with doll stories!

  1. Hey new doll friend from Twitter here *waves*
    First off I would love to link exchange with you, you can find me at
    I also was annoyed at the Flickr situation, couldn’t find images and what not as I was over the limit. I stopped using it, but now they have given every account 1TB of storage so I can see myself using it again. I’ve never heard of ipernity but just had a quick look at yours, I love those miniature mobile phones! I’m adding you to my doll links list anyway and I’ll stop by again when I have time to read some more 🙂

    • Hi Vikki! I’m so sorry I didn’t notice your comment until now. I hadn’t logged in here in a long time.

      Thank you for the link to your site! I will enjoy reading your posts and will add you to my link list.

      I’m glad you like the mini phones. 🙂 I have a blast making them. I’ll be posting some different ones, soon.

      Thanks again for commenting!

      P.S. If you go back to using Flickr, feel free to add me to your contact list. I’m GetMeStarted there.

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